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The risk triangle

Eternal problem

In every outdoor activity there are countless risk factors that must be considered to ensure safe operation and an enjoyable experience. David Gregory suggests a triangle of threats need to be managed – and that this analysis can be applied to other types of risk management.

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Expert complacency

Don’t take your strengths for granted

David Gregory is an experienced outdoor edcuation and ski intructor, based in Australia. On a recent trip to Canada however, he  faced a new challenge on Whistler Mountain and realised he had become complacent, and this was undermining his skills as a teacher.

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ECIS PE Teachers

ECISPE2016 conference

“Making them ALL smile and sweat; Why? What? How?”

April 13-16, 2016 and one hundred and twenty PE teachers assembled at Surrey Sport Park in Guildford, England to attend the annual ECIS PE conference. This conference has been at the heart of professional development for international Physical Education teachers for the past 28 years. It started in 1988 in Birmingham, England at the main ECIS three-day conference.

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Innovation – Technology Supporting PHE (Physical and Health Education)

From Challenge to opportunity “Wireless Headphones”

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.32.15Two years ago I found myself in between “gym facilities”. The old gym was torn down and a new Sport and Community Centre was being built. All PHE classes continued in what we called “The Bubble”, a huge semi-permanent, inflatable tent located on the soccer pitches. There were no walls and often two classes were taught simultaneously. A single net divided the Bubble into different learning spaces. Instructing the students and keeping them focused was difficult; teaching using music was even more challenging for teachers and students alike.

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ITM sponsor: Gartan Outdoor Education and Training Centre


St Columba - 6th Century  waterbased expedition

St Columba – 6th Century waterbased expedition

ITM visited Gartan OETC in early March, as the Irish winter was giving way to spring. The place was buzzing. Preparations to host Ireland’s most challenging test of endurance – The Race – 24 non stop hours of running, biking, kayaking and mountain climbing -were in full swing. As one of Ireland’s leading outdoor education centres, Gartan is now preparing to enter a new phase in its growth by launching its world-class facilities on the international market. Centre director, Ursula MacPherson explains.

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Stretching your boundaries

Know thyself



For teachers, the old Socratic idea has always been important – you’ve got to be yourself to be successful in the classroom. But how do you get to know yourself? One answer is to know where the boundaries to your own comfort zones are and then think about crossing them and see how you feel. If you need inspiration, perhaps find it in people who are rather more daring than yourself.

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Blackberry running

August was the wrong time of the year for me, but of course the competitive running season was coming to the end here in Ireland, so it was run now or wait until next year if I was to do a competitive run in Donegal. Over the last few years, my running has centred on the Dubai Creek half Marathon – a great event during the beautiful month of December, when it is cool enough to do such things. In October and November as the stinging heat leaves the summer sun, the air clears and the herons return to the lakes, you know it is time to get out there and get ready. This was part of my year’s rhythm when living in the Emirates.

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