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    Consilium Education brings together an innovative team of thinkers, leaders, teachers and advisers who draw on a unique range of international experience to meet the needs of individual clients.

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    Team members specialise in school start-ups, bench-marking and feasibility studies, expansion projects, strategic planning, safeguarding, well-being and the development of language across the curriculum.

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    Our priority is to steer your project safely through its conception, feasibility and implementation phases, while meeting essential deadlines. We will coordinate the input of all key players and guide the writing of effective curriculum, budget and staffing plans.

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  • Global support for learning


    Our work is founded on extensive first-hand experience of teaching in international classrooms and leading a range of world-class start-up and expansion projects.

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  • Vision. Mission. Strategy.


    Our approach enables a school to design a clear but flexible strategic plan focused on effective learning. We also support schools in writing their mission to achieve the excellence described in their vision.

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  • For schools. For people who work with schools.

    Digital marketing

    Schools need the best teachers. Teachers want to work at the best schools. Both want to find the best resources. Our crafted digital marketing brings them together.

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  • How we support schools


    We offer support across the full spectrum of school activity from financial planning and governance to security and safety. We work as critical friends, "seeking first to understand" and then identifying specific issues to be addressed in context.

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  • Learning & Teaching Travel & Culture


    International Teacher Magazine, published by Consilium Education, is read by teachers and school leaders around the world. ITM offers the opportunity to bring your ideas and website to their iPhones, iPads, tablets and Androids.

    International Teacher Magazine
  • Training from Consilium

    Professional Development

    Consilium's Professional Development courses are designed to be both useful and enjoyable, challenging participants to reflect deeply on best practice while offering ideas that can be used quickly in the classroom.

    Continuing Professional Development
  • Our mission

    Global support for learning

    All our work is based on the principle that it must support effective learning. We value learning which helps young people understand themselves and the world in which they live, empowering them to make a positive contribution to their global and local communities.


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