Applying to Oxford from an international school

Oxford bound?

The inside story

The long vacation may be upon us, but as soon as college counselors return in August they will hit the ground running, at the busiest time of their year. One of the early dates in their diary will be completing applications for Oxford and Cambridge. What support can international schools expect in this process, and what can they do to give their students the best chance of success? ITM’s Andy Homden put these questions to Dr. Alex Pryce, Head of Outreach Development at Oxford university’s Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Department.

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A time for giving?

The case for fundraising

Boards and Heads of both not-for-profit and for-profit schools often wonder if they should be actively engaged in fundraising, or need to establish a Development Office. Frank Opray considers the rationale for fundraising and the key objectives for a Development Office.

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Growing competition

10 findings about international school admission in 2019

As international education grows, even well-established schools are facing stiff competition. A new survey and report commissioned by the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) is essential reading, not just for Admissions Directors, but for Heads of School. The EMA’s Aimee Gruber reports.

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