An American IB journey


According to the IB’s  website, “The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Americas supports over 3,000 IB World Schools in more than 30 countries across North, Central and South America”.  There are now 1,764 IB World Schools in the USA alone. In seeking to understand the growing appeal of the IB Diploma to American schools, ITM recently spoke to J. Harry Lynch, Headmaster of the Newman School of Boston.

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International Schools – changing opportunities

A vist to Taylor’s International, KL

Taxi_in_Kuala_Lumpur_03My taxi, adorned with a myriad of good luck charms: coins, mystic knots, Dzi beads and even a laughing Buddha, battled through the tropical downpour and dropped me at the gate of the school. It was “Home time!” and scores of shrieking children danced excitedly through the torrential rain and waiting cars, seeking sanctuary from the storm.

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Promoting good mental health

Reproduced by kind permission of the Times Newspapers

Michaels Article 2In the Autumn of 2015, Michael Roulston, Headmaster of the elite Dulwich Prep London, visited a similar private school in Cape Town a day after it had suffered a terrible tragedy. A young boy had taken his own life. He had been struggling socially and academically, but had told nobody. “It shocked me deeply,” Roulston said.

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