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It’s in the text

Using the Field-Tenor-Mode matrix to support EAL writing and textual analysis

Language curricula in international education place increasing significance on student ability to produce and analyse a range of text types. The Language Acquisition and Language B Courses of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programmes are good examples of this trend. Chris Jay reports how the “Field-Tenor-Mode” anayltical approach can build understanding of English texts.

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The IB Diploma and IELTs

How to avoid under-performance in IELTs

An increasing number of students in international schools, including those following IB Diploma courses are sitting the IELTS and similar examinations of language competence, but many under-perform. Chris Jay provides some useful guidance on how to avoid pitfalls and achieve success. 

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Intercontinental EAL

Collaborative learning project

Over the last three years, the EAL departments at Island School in Hong Kong and the International School of Brussels have been working together on a joint language initiative. With a focus on peer learning and collaboration, the project has brought significant benefit to IB English Language B students at both schools. Chris Jay reports from Hong Kong. 

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2016 retrospective: International Baccalaureate

3 articles from 2016

These three articles published earlier in 2016 reflect the growing popularity of the IB, K-12. The experience at Newman School Boston is indicative of the rapid growth of the Diploma in North America, while Paul Morris explains the need for developing new resources for MYP teachers as the programme develops – despite the paradox involved! Finally, Laura Dortman’s work in Kobe, Japan reflects the importance of inter-disciplinary work at all levels of the IB.

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Izak9 at SISD

Innovation and risk taking in PYP Math

Finding resources that fit

Being innovative is a form of risk taking – you can’t be sure just how something might work until you try it in practice. The Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai (SISD), is a PYP candidate school which has recently been experimenting with Izak9, a new mathematics resource from the UK, to see if it was appropriate for use in an inquiry-based approach.

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The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) – the new branch on the IB-tree

All too often we hear employers complaining that schools do not sufficiently prepare students for the careers they wish to pursue, nor for the workplace. Patric Elder looks at the new International Baccalaureate career-related programme, which is designed to combine the rigour of the IB with the demands of the workplace.

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An American IB journey


According to the IB’s  website, “The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Americas supports over 3,000 IB World Schools in more than 30 countries across North, Central and South America”.  There are now 1,764 IB World Schools in the USA alone. In seeking to understand the growing appeal of the IB Diploma to American schools, ITM recently spoke to J. Harry Lynch, Headmaster of the Newman School of Boston.

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Studying the IB’s Theory of Knowledge Online

IBDP-online-learning-with-Pamoja-Education-700x464Questioning basic assumptions and thinking critically about what many take for granted presents a challenge but can bring great rewards for the student in terms of self-fulfilment and preparation for life. The IB’s Theory of Knowledge component provides such a challenge and Anne Keeling looks at an online course which will make teaching ToK more effective in many schools

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SEK Dublin IS: intercultural pioneer


bray-head-and-wicklow-view-2Set on a green, wooded hillside overlooking the Irish Sea in the beautiful Wicklow countryside between Bray and Greystones, the first impression SEK Dublin International makes is that of neoclassical elegance. The façade comes into sight over the brow of the hill as you proceed along the driveway: with the magnificent Powerscourt Estate just down the road, you know this is the land of the Irish country house.

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The white light of 21st Century Learning

What’s worth learning?
Andy Homden

Andy Homden

In our efforts to define 21st Century learning, I think it is worth revisiting a question we all discussed when we were trainee teachers: what knowledge is worth having? If we then widen this out a little to consider what skills are worth developing and what kind of understanding we wish our students to acquire, I think we have a good place for taking the discussion about 21st Century learning forward quickly.

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