Global Community


Connecting internationally

Having spent six years teaching at a leading international school in South-East Asia, Matt Tighe was delighted to be appointed International Link Coordinator at Farlingaye High School in the UK. A central focus of his work now is developing an international mind-set that is both meaningful and practical for a school in semi-rural Suffolk.

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Empowerment and education

The Naiyobi Women’s Project

Born and raised in northern California, environmental educator Kim Laizer has recently been working on a new project with Massai women in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This article is the first of two highlighting her story and collaborative efforts to provide education, training, and development opportunities for Maasai women in Naiyobi, Tanzania. 

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From Finland to Tanzania

Tanzanian Diary, Part 1

In September 2016, Matias Hynynen from Helsinki was working with teachers in Arusha, Tanzania, as a volunteer. An IT specialist, his life was about to get a bit more complicated and his mission take a new direction with the unexpected arrival of another visitor from Finland, Maarit Rossi. This is the first of three extracts from the blog he kept at the time.

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Rebuilding update from Nepal

From Isaac Robinson at The British School in Kathmandu

Almost a year on from the first earthquake of 25th April, staff at the British School Kathmandu have been working hard to ensure that students within our community projects can return to safe and secure buildings as soon as possible. To date, we have opened one new school building at Sungava, and the three buildings in the Dhading region are nearing completion.

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TBS opens new building at Sungava

Formal Opening

On Sunday 7th February, TBS staff and students travelled to to attend the opening where Dr. John Moore (Principal of TBS) was invited to formally open the new school building. Dr. Moore was shown around the new building, including the TBS classroom that we were surprised to see has been named in our honour! The completion of this school building would not have been possible without the donations from our supporters around the world so we accept the honour on behalf of all of our contributors.

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Rebuilding schools in Dhading, Nepal

An update from TBS, Kathmandu

Over the weekend of 16th & 17th January, staff from The British School (TBS) of Kathmandu returned to Dhading and visited the three schools that TBS Charities are helping to rebuild. TBS is pleased to report that the building work is progressing on schedule and the expected date of completion is early May. It is not long now until students will return to permanent classrooms once again.

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PurpleLily in Africa – empowering girls and women

In the April edition of ITM, Ginette Collin introduced us to PurpleLily, a non-profit organisation set up to “inspire and empower women and girls to thrive and shine” by providing life skills and financial literacy training. In this edition, Ginette reflects on her recent two month project in Ethiopia and Tanzania and explores the Contrast in Educational Opportunities on the African continent.

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SEK Dublin IS: intercultural pioneer


bray-head-and-wicklow-view-2Set on a green, wooded hillside overlooking the Irish Sea in the beautiful Wicklow countryside between Bray and Greystones, the first impression SEK Dublin International makes is that of neoclassical elegance. The façade comes into sight over the brow of the hill as you proceed along the driveway: with the magnificent Powerscourt Estate just down the road, you know this is the land of the Irish country house.

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Start the year with a song!

Join Voices Around The World this September

Download the score and audio tracks of Listen to Us for your first school assembly of the year!

You know that a new school year has really started when you hear the sound of children singing coming from the school hall or the music room as you walk past. If you are looking for something new and a little bit different for your first assembly this year, the Voices Around the World (VATW) project might just be what you are looking for.

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Schools around the world say “Listen to Us!”

LogoDuring 2015, over 33,000 students from schools around the globe shared in a common musical learning experience – to master one of the vocal parts for a new song called Listen To Us, which united young people around the world as part of the Voices Around The World (VATW) project. This was the third year of the project and has involved over 1,400 national, independent and international schools.  For details about downloading Listen to Us, how to make a donation and to learn more about how your school can get involved in the special 2016 Olympic project, click on the VATW logo.

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