Can your senior students think and write under pressure?

Five steps to help students develop the planning habit

How many times have you made the comment “It is important to plan your work” at the end of a Grade 11 or 12 (Year 12 & 13) essay? A student who writes without planning often shows that he or she “knows things” but, frustratingly, they have not “used what they know” to write a relevant answer. Here Andy Homden suggests five steps to help students develop “the planning habit” in order to write more effectively.

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GCE A Level

Preparing for linear G12 exams

6 top tips for supporting your students

Now that A Level syllabuses are almost entirely assessed in high-stake exams at the end of two years, they have rejoined the ranks of courses based on ‘linear’ assessment, alongside the IB Diploma. This form of assessment is challenging, but linear assessment is a great leveller and if students are prepared well, they will have every chance to shine. Andy Homden offers six tips for successful teaching of linear courses.

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The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) – the new branch on the IB-tree

All too often we hear employers complaining that schools do not sufficiently prepare students for the careers they wish to pursue, nor for the workplace. Patric Elder looks at the new International Baccalaureate career-related programme, which is designed to combine the rigour of the IB with the demands of the workplace.

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Predictive Testing – helpful or misleading?

EddiePredictive testing in British International Schools is an important mechanism used to inform them about the expected progress of individual students and groups. But is this measurement of added value robust and accurate? A comparison of raw results between different departments can be misleading. Eddie Rowe raises some questions about the use of objective testing to make comparisons between departments in the same school and the validity of such testing to measure a school’s ability to “add value”. 

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“League Tables” shambles?

ExamineesThe Department for Education in England released its most recent secondary school “league tables” based on exam data from June 2014 on January 29 2015. This year the independent schools joined the state sector in the customary chorus of disapproval, as the government’s new tables were condemned as “shambolic” with the status of IGCSE at the centre of one row. Andy Homden wonders whether  the controversy surrounding this very English ritual now has global significance.

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