Maths and mindset

Engaging with number

West Lothian


Teachers at two schools in West Lothian, Scotland have started to use Izak9, a new Maths resource for 9 – 13 years olds, while also applying Carol Dweck’s ideas about “Mindset” in their teaching. The initiative is part of an imaginative campaign to help children engage with number, and to change the way they approach a new challenge.

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A Fun Day of Colour

Rainbow Hair

 A fun day of colour: Part A

An opportunity to revise colour. Have a Rainbow Day and raise money for charity. Set up an interactive colour table. Fun ideas for sand and water play and face painting,

Beautiful picture books to read and songs to sing.

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Drop PaintingFun Day of Colour: Part B

An opportunity to revise colour mixing. Lots of great activities for indoors and outdoors that will get everyone involved.

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April in ITM: keep travelling!

Outdoor Adventure Therapy: Tony Richards meets round the world adventurer Sarah Outen.

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thumb_1125_1024Tony Richards sat entranced as Sarah Outen recounted her adventures experienced during her recent epic round the world trip. She spoke of typhoons, vodka-fuelled proposals (!), encounters with bears, and days, weeks and months in searing heat, biting cold or at the mercy of the ocean. Your kind of thing? Read on!

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March in ITM

Connect and learn

ball-1020350__180Everything, as Sarah Whyte argues in her article, Consequential Thinking  is connected: things that happen in one place have consequences in others.  Vicky Hill’s article also shows how something apparently inconsequential – for example, a chance remark after lunch – can have profound and quite unexpected educational consequences. And as we all know, small events in the playground can affect learning later in the day, so making sure that playground design is the best that it can be, as Prue Walsh advocates, not only improves the quality of play, but also the learning that follows.

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Izak9 Maths

February in ITM

Stand & Deliver

Do you love Maths? Chances are that you don’t. Just why so many of us shy away from numbers is a mystery. This month, hold our hands as we tiptoe into numbers country.

We look back at the work of Jaime Escalante and the 1988 movie he inspired – Stand and Deliver. Calculus might not be your thing, but this film is 5 Star. Don’t miss it.

Meanwhile, Franz Schlindwein, inventor of Izak9, wants us to start talking about his favourite topic. You guessed it – Maths. Funnily enough, this all adds up to some great reading . . . . and learning!

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Edward James Olmos

Escalante & The Learning Wedge

It’s not that they’re stupid; it’s just that they don’t know anything!

Stand & DeliverThis is just one of the memorable lines from the 1988 movie Stand & Deliver during an Oscar – nominated performance by Edward James Olmos, playing the role of LA Math teacher Jaime Escalante. In a remarkable career, Escalante took issue with one of the most popular misconceptions about learning, and in doing so developed an approach to teaching that Andy Homden has come to describe as “The Learning Wedge”

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2015 in ITM

Teaching & Learning. Travel & Culture.

2015-09-09-conversation-pixabay-300x200What do we talk about? This is the question we asked ourselves when planning ITM a year ago. The cities and countries we have visited. The adventures we have had. A “light bulb” moment in class. Ideas for better practice. The kindness shown by one person – young or old – to another, and our contributors have risen to the challenge. As we look back over the year, we have picked out some memorable articles from 2015 to reflect on. Thank you to all our contributors and readers for your continued support!

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