Promoting good mental health

Reproduced by kind permission of the Times Newspapers

Michaels Article 2In the Autumn of 2015, Michael Roulston, Headmaster of the elite Dulwich Prep London, visited a similar private school in Cape Town a day after it had suffered a terrible tragedy. A young boy had taken his own life. He had been struggling socially and academically, but had told nobody. “It shocked me deeply,” Roulston said.

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A Link in the Chain by Eugene Heimler

442329Dr Eugene Heimler developed an innovative and unique form of psychotherapy, the Heimler Method of Social Functioning, which has enabled countless individuals to find meaning and new direction in their lives and turn frustration and disengagement into creativity and involvement. Peter Hudson provides a very personal review of Dr Heimler’s account of some of the experiences that helped mould his now widely used counselling techniques.

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