A new support service for school librarians from Consilium Education

School Librarians always have a foot in more than one camp, playing both teaching and support roles. Story tellers and administrators, they will lead curriculum and community initiatives and will often be asked to manage resources across the whole school. Consilium Education is now pleased to announce a new initiative to support librarians working in schools around the world – the British and International Schools Library Network.

Spring and summer professional development

Following the success of our first webinar in November 2023, when our resident library experts, Rob George and Sal Flint talked about library literacy and running a school author visit, our next two webinars will be held in March and May 2024.

Join us for our next two networking and training events for Spring and Summer 2024:

Wednesday March 6th, 2024, 08.15 UK time: Libraries and Wellbeing, with Sal Flint

Wednesday May 15th, 2024, 08.15 UK time:  Subscription management, with Rob George

Libraries have always been a comforting space for students dealing with stress, anxiety, or uncertainty. In this session, we delve into diverse strategies empowering librarians to enhance the wellbeing of their users. From curating enriching collections to involving students in library activities and organising interactive well-being events, we will share what has worked best for us. Join us as we share our most successful strategies before fostering an open discussion among all attendees. Together, we hope to create a supportive library environment that not only nourishes academic learning but also nurtures the well-being of all library users.

In a modern school library, effective management and a keen understanding of the importance of subscriptions play pivotal roles in fostering a dynamic school learning environment. Effective subscription management involves not only the organisation and accessibility of diverse subscriptions but also their strategic alignment with the curriculum and the evolving needs of students and educators. Subscriptions to digital databases, scholarly journals and educational platforms contribute significantly to the breadth and depth of available resources, facilitating research, critical thinking, and project-based learning.

The careful curation of subscriptions ensures that students have access to up-to-date information, fostering a culture of inquiry and intellectual exploration. Moreover, it promotes information literacy, teaching students how to navigate and evaluate resources in an era dominated by digital content. By investing in relevant and quality subscriptions, a school library becomes a hub for knowledge dissemination, supporting the academic growth and curiosity of its community.


Details about how to join the March webinar will be sent to all BISLN subscribers in February, but if you haven’t got your name on our mailing list yet, you can register here:

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