Teacher Card

Putting a face to the new name in discounts for Teachers and Education staff

Assistant Head Teacher, Katie Latham, took the plunge this year to set up her own company and she is now Managing Director of Teacher Card Limited. We all stand to benefit!

How we got started 

As an Assistant Head Teacher from Liverpool with the name, Katie, and the other name… ‘mum’ (of two soon to be three) I know only too well the pressures that school staff face on a daily basis, especially in the current climate. On one particular strike day back in April 2023, my husband Ian and I began chatting about the situation within the sector, the reasons for the strike action for fairer pay and the lack of rewards in general for teachers and education staff.

Our conversation highlighted the detrimental financial implications the strikes in the UK would have for those in the sector and we discussed the reality of doing something to help ‘take the edge off’.  Fast forward a few days later and ‘voila’, Teacher Card was born!

What we have been able to do is to create a brand new platform, which for a small subscription fee provides discounts and savings dedicated to educators and  people who work with educators. An important part of the idea is to ensure that our deals, discounts and savings are specifically tailored to our members rather than open to the general public.

Who qualifies?

We wanted to develop a card for everyone who works in education, and so this new card is for:

  • University & college staff
  • Early Years staff
  • Primary and Secondary Teachers
  • Teaching assistants and support staff
  • Administrative education staff
  • Supply teachers
  • Lecturers and professors
  • Directors, Principals, Headteachers, deputy heads, and assistant heads

Teacher Card holders can work in the state or private sector, be a member of a governing body or a student studying for an education degree.

Well-known brands and new names

We want to provide a platform which not only offers discounts on high street and online brands that we all know and love, but to reach out to the more independent businesses across the country with the purpose of providing education staff with opportunities for discounts on a range of activities allowing people to rest, relax and just do something different – at a discount.

Working with businesses

New businesses are joining all the time and if you know someone who owns or runs a business and would be interested in joining the companies that work with Teacher Card to reward educators throughout the UK, then we’d love to hear from you. We work with enterprises in many different sectors to offer our discounts.

If you want to be part of what we do, then please get in touch!

Teacher Card was successfully launched on the 14th August 2023 to help capture those fun-loving days out, coffee catch ups with friends or a last minute break from the busy schedule of an educational academic year.


Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around

Katie Latham is the managing director of Teacher Card Limited and an Assistant Head Teacher of a primary school in the UK.

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