Primary Summit

Major CPD opportunity for international Early Years and Primary Teachers

Robert Young, General Secretary of the UK’s National Association for Primary Education (NAPE) invites international teachers to attend a major Primary Summit during March.

 Join us at the Summit!

With so many international schools offering a version of the National Curriculum for England in Years 1 to 6 and the EYFS in Foundation Stages 1 & 2 (and younger), we think that our Primary Summit being held in March will be relevant and important professionally for many Early Years and Primary teachers working around the world.

With this in mind, NAPE have organised events for the Summit, which will take place from March 15th to 29th so that they can be easily and cheaply accessed by teachers around the world.  Everything will be on-line, and we  see this as an important opportunity for continuing professional development, irrespective of the setting in which you are working. We have also kept the fee low to encourage as many colleagues as possible to take advantage of this INSET: £20 per attendee will give you access to each part of the summit (£10 per NAPE Member & Students).

Click on the link above to have access to a treasure trove of 20 videos produced for our Primary Summit this year, waiting for you. The private YouTube site is open until next March 1st 2024 for you to access. Just go to and pay £20 or £10 if you are a NAPE member.

 Big questions

The summit is part of a challenging enterprise being undertaken at NAPE  – looking to the future for the world of primary education and offering some visions about where we should be aiming. Is the National Curriculum fit for purpose or should it be re-modelled? How should we see the relationship between the social dimension of school life and classroom learning in primary education? What are the critical challenges for the primary teacher as we strive for greater inclusivity and equity in education? How can assessment be re-designed to support learning and development rather than impede it? Are there certain principles which we need to hold dear as we cope with the demands of a society which has become increasingly commercialised and competitive? How can we enhance the professionality of the teacher at a time when there has been increasing political intervention in curriculum design and pedagogy? These are just some of the many questions, which have given NAPE cause for concern and which are likely to be addressed in the programme of events. Above all, the Primary Summit is seen as an opportunity for exploring how a rich and engaging primary education can enable all our children to meet the challenges they face now and in the future.

Big names

We have drawn on a wide range of expertise, extending from the classroom practitioner to the educational researcher and the agenda covers a broad range of topics embracing the pastoral as the academic, from the teaching of mathematics and reading to issues of social justice and equity in the classroom. For those of you working in the early years sector, there is also a great deal in the programme which should be of considerable interest: we have, for example, been able to enlist the services of Prof. Cathy Nutbrown recently honoured for her services to early years education with a damehood, who provides a succinct and insightful analysis of the future agenda for children in the most formative of years.

Another key figure on the international scene has been Dr Neil Hawkes, the founder of Values Based Education (VbE), and we are delighted that he will be addressing Values-Based Education – the Beating Heart of Primary Education in the inaugural presentation for our Summit. Educational Technology is clearly a critical dimension of education, and looking ahead it will no doubt have an increasingly pervasive role in education: there is no one better fitted than Al Kingsley – CEO of NetSupport and author of ‘My Secret EdTech Diary’ to examine this topic.

By way of contrast, Prof Mick Waters, formerly Director of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in England and Wales (QCA) and a much respected education consultant, will be focussing on Looking through the eye of the pupil, articulating the principle of taking seriously the pupil’s voice in education.

In addition to this range of presentations, we have set up four live-stream discussions for March with a focus on The Humanities – not just desirable but essential, the Environment and Sustainability in Education, Primary Assessment and Early Years Issues with contributions from leading specialists in those areas, including Dame Alison Peacock, the CEO of the Chartered College of Teachers, Prof. Dominic Wyse and Dr.Tony Eaude, author and education consultant.

 A warm welcome to all international teachers.

NAPE has always seen CPD as an important part of its mission and it’s our journal, Primary First, which has been the major vehicle for translating this commitment into reality. This Primary Summit with its spectrum of on-line events takes us into some exciting new pastures and we very much hope that international teachers will want to join us for this enterprise!


Robert Young is the General Secretary of the National Association for Primary Education

To find out more about NAPE’s Primary Summit and to book, visit:




FEATURE IMAGE: by Jürgen Nagel from Pixabay


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