Researching student voice

Improving schools by listening to students

Tash Hingston with news of an opportunity for the views of international school students to be heard by participating in the ISC Research student voice survey.

Young people with opinions

The global use of social media, increased access to information online and the extensive media spotlight on world impact issues like the environment and inclusion have certainly sparked student interest. From engaging in group discussion in schools or online, to founding their own action groups to inspire change, young people have been raising their voices.

Listening to our students

International schools are progressively valuing student voice. More school leaders are recognising that learner agency is an important tool in creating student engagement and can have a direct benefit on the school community. At ISC Research, we would like to know how much of a say international school students have in their education or that of future students. We want to give your students an opportunity to influence change and express whether they feel heard within their school – and we need your help.

We would like to hear from your students

Please encourage your students and alumni to participate in our research. All responses to the survey will remain anonymous. With your help in sharing the survey, the entire international school community will better understand possible routes to change and learn of current practices that are positively recognised by students.

The results of this research will be analysed and included within an upcoming free report focusing on the place of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) within international schools today. It will explore the ways international school teachers and leaders commonly address issues or implement ideas raised by their student community. The more students who participate, the more practices and initiatives will be shared within the community, and the more likely international schools will learn what matters to students.

Outcomes and school improvement

From the survey results, our report will help you to recognise the progress your school has made in welcoming student voice and to cultivate learner agency within the school mission.


Tash Hingston is Press Officer at ISC Research

The closing date of the survey is 30th of November 2022.

Here is the link to the survey for you to share with your students:



Feature Image: by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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