7 Areas for action

Facilitated self evaluation



The 7 Areas for Action© is Consilium Education’s Framework shaping all our facilitation, advice and training. As we work with schools we encourage all staff, academic and non-academic, to consider how action in key areas impacts on student learning.


During a critical friendship vist, we are able to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses across the following areas of action:

  1. Vision, Mission, & Strategy
  2. Learning, inclusion & admissions
  3. Leadership & organisational structure
  4. Staff & Training
  5. Campus, security & safety
  6. School community & partnerships
  7. Marketing, finance & resources

The process consists of a short pre-visit survey, requiring “yes / no” answers to a a series of questions across the 7 Areas,  the analysis of key documentation, a two or three day visit to the school and a series of facilitated meetings with key stake holders during the visit. We offer immediate initial verbal feedback, followed by a written report analysing strengths and weaknesses within two working weeks of the visit.

We think that using the 7 Areas for Action© is especially important to ensure a comprehensive approach to

  • self-evaluation
  • strategic planning
  • preparation for school accreditation and inspection





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