Virtually connected

The link

Tertiary level Virtual Classrooms are really taking off, but can VCs connecting teachers and learners in different parts of the world have an impact on secondary learning? A recent project linking a team in New York with teachers and their classes in Andhra Pradesh established some principles for good practice.

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Opportunity bakes

A bridge to employment for young people with learning disabilities

 Although educational opportunities are opening up for more young people with learning disabilities, finding a way into full time employment still presents a challenge. A new bakery in the UK is showing how the bridge can be built. Jane Chong, the co-founder of Step and Stone reports.

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Music power

Music, therapy and motivation

When the going gets tough, we often turn to music. According to Curtis Dean, recent research confirms that music can motivate, energise  and soothe.

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Black Sea Conference

Leading Change, May 31 – June 1 2019

 It’s a sign of the times that as new international schools open, they are coming together to cooperate, share ideas and organise events for staff and students. Stephen Priest, Principal of the British International School of Tblisi reports from the new Black Sea Schools group, who have just held their first teachers’ conference.

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International school fundraising

Time for giving?

The case for fundraising

Boards and Heads of both not-for-profit and for-profit schools often wonder if they should be actively engaged in fundraising, or need to establish a Development Office. Frank Opray considers the rationale for fundraising and the key objectives for a Development Office.

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Understanding atoms

Teaching atomic theory in primary

Can primary age students grasp key idea behind atomic theory? Mark Verde, Assistant Principal Learning & Curriculum, Bangkok Patana School certainly thinks so, and research seems to support him.

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Trailing spouse teacher recruitment

Trail blazer

Trailing spouse

If you’re new to international education, there’s a whole new lexicon to learn. Cracking the code will help you and your family get the most out of your time overseas. Rory Galvin looks at the opportunities open to a ‘trailing spouse’.

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Wellmess warrior, Pixabay

Wellness warriors

Creating a culture of well-being and character

Natassja Williams believes that student well-being depends on a strong, values-based culture at the heart of a school, created and defended by a committed team.

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Right blend

Blended learning in an international school

Blending on-line and in-class learning has clear advantages for international schools. But how can it be sustained in practice?  Catherine Brandt and Neil Hardy-Johnson report from Dubai.

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