7 Areas for action

Facilitated self evaluation



The 7 Areas for Action© is Consilium Education’s Framework shaping all our facilitation, advice and training. As we work with schools we encourage all staff, academic and non-academic, to consider how action in key areas impacts on student learning.

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Improve your Website!

Imrove your school website now!

Six essential steps to take: it’s all about people

With the growing competition for students and staff, it has never been more important for a website to be noticed and read properly by the people you want to reach. Andy Homden looks at what you should be doing to give your website the edge.

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Starting your new school

The excitement of a new project

PlansIn our experience, nothing is more exciting than starting a new school and then constructing spaces in which great learning can happen. We have a team that can provide full support for a school start-up project, from conception to implementation and beyond.

We support you as you define the project and articulate the vision you have for the school. We will then prepare

  • The project feasibility study and financial plan
  • An educational design brief for the architect
  • A master plan for curriculum, staffing and recruiting
  • Options for school management, communication systems and website
  • A strategic Digital Marketing Plan

As the project is started and moves towards school opening, we will

  • Support in the appointment and orientation, first of your leadership team, and then of academic and support staff
  • Be available to support the school’s leaders as they take over full responsibility for the management of the new school
  • Monitor the first year of teaching and learning with the School Leadership Team
  • Prepare for the schools first inspection and accreditation

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Please e-mail us to inquire about our support for school start-ups. Just click the logo.



If you would like to be put in touch with any of the Consilium Education team, please e-mail Andy Homden.


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Where does great learning happen?

10% outside the comfort zone
Andy Homden, CEO Consilium Education

Andy Homden, CEO Consilium Education

When does the best learning take place? The most concise answer I have heard to this question over the years is that students learn best when they are 10% outside their comfort zone. It makes sense. If they remain comfortably inside the zone and are doing “busy work” that does not challenge them; by definition they are not learning. If they are too far away from their zone and asked to do something for which they are not ready because the required skills and prior knowledge are not in place, they can panic, despair or give up. In Martin Skelton’s words, this feels like “drowning” and learning fails.

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K – 12 school design

Getting the design right

If a school environment is well-designed, with the educational, social and emotional needs of its students properly considered, it has a head start in becoming an outstanding place of learning. The spaces created on campus will have a profound impact on effective teaching and enjoyable learning – getting this right contributes so much to the positive and supportive atmosphere that visitors will sense as soon as they step through the school gate.

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Investing in schools is investing in people

Establishing a new school needs highly motivated staff

Starting a new school is a massive task and needs the best staff possible; and they need to be highly motivated and capable of being actively supportive.  Motivation and support skills are often taken for granted, at worst not considered at all and at best assumed to be natural in-built qualities of trained teachers and managers.

Contact Peter to discuss Active Listening skills training for your staff

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Consilium recommends: Unstoppable Learning, NPR / TED Radio Hour, presented by Guy Raz, broadcast May 3 2013

Includes 10 minute extracts from talks by Sugata Mitra, Annie Murphy Paul, Alison Gopnik and Rita Pierson, presented by Guy Raz

tedTED talks are of course a major phenomenon of our time, but the collaborative project by National Public Radio and TED to condense views expressed by different speakers at different times into a one hour thematic digest takes it a stage further.

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