With a background based in administration and finance, Val started her work with international schools as the General Manager of a well-known consolidator of educational resources over ten years ago, building a regular network of schools, both new and established, for whom she organised the procurement and delivery of school and classroom resources.

Val established her own company in 2008, and continued her international support services to schools in her own right, as VPJ Solutions Limited, operating not only in the field of education supply but also with a UK based recruitment support service. Val offers schools advice on the most efficient form of shipping and has worked with shipping agents in many locations around the world to overcome the obstacles that schools often face when importing resources. She now offers clients the benefits of her extensive experience as a member of the Consilium team

Specialist consulting areas

  • Recruitment support from UK – before, during and after process
  • “Meet and Greet” service at interview venues
  • Venue booking
  • Consolidated interview schedules
  • Candidate interview invitations and liaison
  • Consolidated shipping advice
  • Procurement chain and consolidation
  • Supplier preference
  • Shipping
  • Import customs issues and problem solving
  • Import duty and taxes
  • Port clearance agents at destination