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May/June in ITM

Crossing the divide
How resistant are subject areas to interdisciplinary initiatives?  Cross-curricular projects require imagination and energy to organise effectively, especially in a secondary school. This month we feature two innovative interdisciplinary units of inquiry that offer models for others to use.
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Critical friendship 2017-2018

School visits

Consilium’s Critical Friendship programme provides a wide range of services to international schools as they prepare for inspection or accreditation. Our visits in 2017-2018 have included reviews of EAL, Early Years and and safeguarding provision at leading schools in Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, UAE, Belgium and Portugal.

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Consilium in conference, 2017

Birmingham, Lisbon, Oxford and Dubai

Members  of the Consilium Education team have been addressing conferences in Europe and the Middle East this year. Sustainable Schools, Digital Marketing in the field of education and listening skills for teachers are just three of the subjects we have been invited to talk about. In July our first conference was addressed by four leaders in the field of education and philosophy, including Professor Mick Waters and Sir Tim Brighouse.

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Digital marketing for teachers and schools

Consilium Education training, 2017 – 18

In May 2017, Andy Homden was at Dulwich Prep London leading training for teachers and business staff on the subject of Digital Marketing. Teachers are proud of what they do and when they meet visitors on campus tours they are always the most enthusiastic advocates of what is happening in the classroom. They are often reluctant writers, however.

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University of Western Australia & International Education

UWARanked in the world’s top 100 universities in 2015, UWA is also celebrating the 100th anniversary of its Faculty of Education. Andy Homden, writing on the subject of a career in international education, was recently featured in the centenary edition of The Educator, the UWA Faculty of Education’s official newsletter.

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Moving. Shaking. Listening.

KINSES 2016: a global education symposium

Kinses 2016

Consilium Education is delighted to be attending Kinses 2016, where Andy Homden will be a panelist on Sunday, February 28.

The founder of the event, Sandeep Aneja, wants us to talk to each other about the emerging trends in education around the world. He is particularly focused on the growing role of the private sector and how it can apply its growing influence wisely.

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The Transatlantic Connections Conference

The Irish Teaching Diaspora.

Consilium Education at the Transatlantic Connections Conference, January 14 – 16, 2016.

Education consultant, Andy HomdenHow many Irish teachers are working overseas? Nobody seems to know exactly, but almost certainly the figure is in the tens of thousands, with most of them in the UK. Across the Atlantic and beyond the English Channel, their numbers are growing: in 2013 there were 7,000 Irish citizens living in the UAE. It is very likely that the professional majority are teachers.

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MENA Edinvest Conference, November 2015

Consilium’s Andy Homden chairs Dubai conference
Andy Homden, Edinvest Dubai

Andy Homden

Graham Brown - Martin Edinvest 2015

Graham Brown – Martin

Informa’s Education Investment conference can with some justification claim to be one of the most important education events in the MENA region. Attracting international speakers of the calibre of Graham – Brown Martin, this conference draws in the ideas of leading educational thinkers while exploring the challenges of establishing and growing schools throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

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Analytical writing

October CPD at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College

Linear assessment and independent learning

Andy Homden leads two day October  training sessions  in Birmingham

All change in the UK

IMG_2451 (640x427)There’s no shortage of change in the UK at moment. Testing at age 7 is coming back. National Curriculum Levels are gone. Modular assessment at A Level is on the way out. And, of all the government led initiatives, none is more important than the re-introduction of linear assessment at A Level.

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Teaching Council of Ireland, Féilte 2015

Andy Homden presents at the Royal Dublin Society
Féilte TeachMeet 2015, October 3 2015
DSCF4124 (2) (640x563)

Brilliant Physics Buskers!

The Teaching Council of Ireland held their annual Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence otherwise known as Féilte at the RDS on October 3, during which Andy Homden spoke at the Féilte TeachMeet session.

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