Our team is able to advise on a wide range of issues, from project feasibility studies and strategic planning to the best way to support student learning once a school has opened. We don’t just look at the theory and “the numbers”. We know what it’s like to build and then run successful international schools with all the rewards and problems this involves. We’ve been through most of what there is to go through.

As a result, we never forget that schools are about people, and above all else, about learning. Whether we help you through a feasibility study, facilitate a self-evaluation exercise or support your strategic planning, we will be thinking about how these exercises impact on the learning of your students and the positive development of a purposeful and happy community. We are also happy to design a customised programme of support to suit your needs. Please click on any of the tabs to learn more.

Critical Friends

Critical friendship

Brief positional analysis

All Consilium consultants are Critical Friends to the schools which have hired us for a consultancy and as such we are both rigorous and supportive. If we are engaged for a specific task, we must place any recommendations we make in context. We will therefore always carry out a brief positional analysis of the school with you before we begin a programme of  CPD or facilitation.

In-depth Analysis

On another level, a school  can also arrange a visit to carry out an in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses, perhaps in preparation for an accreditation or inspection.


Depending on the specifics you want us to look at, we will use the 7 Areas for Action framework to carry out the required level of analysis in collaboration with the school. An in-depth  analysis would include one or more of the following:

  • A significant number of lesson observations
  • Review of student work and assessment data
  • Review of strategic plan and major policy
  • Review of safety, security and supervision systems
  • Review of marketing and financial planning


The outcome of a critical friend’s visit would be a report giving our assessment of your strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for future action and planning.

Contact us if you want to speak to a consultant about a visit from a Critical Friend


Educational planning: vision, mission and strategy

Promoting Dynamic Stability

Lead consultant: Andy Homden

Careful use of the concepts of Vision, Mission and Strategy is at the heart of our recommended approach to development and improvement planning. We conduct a full review of the school’s planning and collaborate with you and your community to help develop the expression of your Vision and Mission while helping you design your strategic plan.

Consilium uses a framework outlining 7 Areas for action to organise a school’s strategic planning. Learn more.

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Feasibility planning, finance and resources

Lead consultants: Paul Cabrelli and Andy Homden

Founding or growing a school is a massive responsibility. Depending on your needs, we can either prepare or review your feasibility study and projections, while advising on curriculum, staffing levels and recruiting. We will test the strength of your accounting and collecting systems and can then assist you in preparing your strategic plan by using the Seven Areas for Action framework. Finally we can assist with a plan to resource the project properly.

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Lead consultants: Tony Richards and Delice Scotto

How effectively are your students learning? By looking at their work, talking to them and visiting their classrooms we will provide an independent view, perhaps as a pre-inspection exercise. We will analyse how student progress is monitored, test your tracking systems and then work with staff collaboratively to plan what needs to be done in order to move learning to the next level.

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Student Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ)

Lead consultant: Peter Hudson

The SMQ is based on the philosophy that a ‘happy’ student is likely to be much more motivated. Therefore, having reliable data about the emotional/motivational health of students as they arrive in the school is crucial for their learning and development. Administering the SMQ shortly after any student’s admission, or to an established cohort, can provide an accurate base-line that can be used in a number of important ways for targeting support and planning programmes of study. The SMQ can also identify students who are at risk, facilitating early and therefore more effective intervention and support.

SMQ Logo


Click the SMQ logo to find out more about this powerful new on-line  instrument.


The Motivated Learning Trust

The Motivated Learning Trust (MLT) offers training and consulting services to schools in the UK and around the world. As teachers learn how to listen effectively when working with their classes, academic performance improves, while students just feel happier!

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Lead advisors: Val Jones, Andy Homden & Delice Scotto

Getting the right people who are the best fit for your school is extremely challenging – especially if you have to recruit large numbers of staff during a Start-up period. Consilium consultants have considerable expertise in the field and are able to assist in one of two ways:

  1. (UK & Ireland only) Consilium can provide administrative back up to arrange interviews, ensuring your precious time with candidates is used effectively. We can place advertisements, arrange cost effective interview venues and maintain “real time” communication with candidates. A further option is for our adviser to attend and coordinate the interviews on the day itself, meeting and briefing candidates before the main interview.
  2. By taking on the responsibility of short-listing candidates. This will involve working both with one of our experienced consultants as well as (in the UK & Ireland only) our administrative adviser.

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Val Jones offers effective real time support for UK based staff recruiting and a reliable service for ordering and delivering consolidated educational supplies to international schools from the UK.


UK Consolidated educational supply

Lead adviser: Val Jones.

Equipping a new school is one of the main tasks of a Start-up team, while more established schools should always be on the look-out for best value and maximum reliability. We are able to help you deal with shipping and local import regulations through our partner company, VPJ Consulting Service. Please contact Val Jones at VPJ for a quote to consolidate your supplies from the UK at a competitive price by following the link below to VPJ’s website or

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Val Jones offers effective real time support for UK based staff recruiting and a reliable service for ordering and delivering consolidated educational supplies to international schools from the UK.