“Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective” Dr. Kent Blakeney

thumb_51xWMV0atoL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200__1024Teaching overseas, particularly for the first-timer, is a thrilling prospect that can also be a little daunting. A myriad of new cultural experiences await as one leaves the safe home port and ventures forth to a new country, new home and new school. “Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective”, by, Kent M. Blakeney, is packed with information that will help alleviate any lingering anxieties and is a very entertaining read. Tony Richards reviews this new publication.

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A Link in the Chain by Eugene Heimler

442329Dr Eugene Heimler developed an innovative and unique form of psychotherapy, the Heimler Method of Social Functioning, which has enabled countless individuals to find meaning and new direction in their lives and turn frustration and disengagement into creativity and involvement. Peter Hudson provides a very personal review of Dr Heimler’s account of some of the experiences that helped mould his now widely used counselling techniques.

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Listening genius: the work of John Heimler

heimer-laterNo understanding of the power of listening is complete without appreciating the work of  Eugene – John –  Heimler, a truly great listener and founder of a counselling method known as Human Social Functioning. Carl Rogers was perhaps one of the best known ‘listeners’ of the 20th Century.  John Heimler is less well known, similar and yet different. It is the work of John Heimler which forms the basis of the Listening Skills Training for teachers that is taught by Consilium Education and the Motivated Learning Trust.

I was privileged to have known John and to have had him as my therapist whilst in training.

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Building a better teacher, by Elizabeth Green


Building a better teacher

Building a better teacher

Delice Scotto looks at the latest publication from Elizabeth Green, co-founder of CHALKBEAT, a-not–for-profit educational news site in the US. Building a Better Teacher looks at the hot topic of teacher effectiveness and analyses the debates that have engrossed the United States over the past few decades between educational reformers and the teacher unions, between teacher autonomy and teacher accountability. Green then looks into how the best teachers “are built”. 

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We are the best experts on ourselves – Carl Rogers

Peter Hudson. Motivated Listening trainer

Peter Hudson, active listening trainer

Peter Hudson looks at how the listening skills of a teacher who had been trained in active listening skills helped support a student to find their own way to access new aspects of the school curriculum and ultimately achieve success.

Listening Quote of the Month:

As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves.   Carl Rogers, 1902 – 1987                                                                                       


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Silent Spring: a life changing book

Dr. Samia al Farra

Dr. Samia al Farra

In life it is rare to discover a book that is truly “life-changing”. Silent Spring was just that for Dr Samia Al-Farra. Dr Samia explains how an inspired choice changed her view of the world and opened her eyes to the fragility of our planet and its resources.

An inspired choice

More than forty years ago, as part of my under-graduate course, in Science with a major in Biology, we were expected to read, discuss and write a critical account of ten evidence-based, scientific books covering topics such as drugs, pollution, and population control.

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Empathy: perspective for learning

Empathy: a handbook for revolution, published in the US as Empathy, why it matters and how to get it.

Roman Krznaric, Rider Books, 2014

The importance of empathy

EmpathyFor philosopher Roman Krznaric, western society has painted itself into something of a corner. The prevailing political and social orthodoxy of our time is rooted in competition, the needs of the individual and introspective obsessions.

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What teachers should know and be able to do

Published by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), 1987, now available as The 5 Core Propositions.

I found this short tract when I inherited the contents of the bookshelves in my office at Enka Schools in 2002. It lingered there for a little longer, but then I picked it up one afternoon and read it from cover to cover in an hour (it’s 21 pages long). I was fascinated by the unambiguously simple title and I was not disappointed by what it had to say. In making the case for rigorous and thoughtful practice, it makes five propositions:

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Unstoppable Learning, NPR / TED Radio Hour, presented by Guy Raz, broadcast May 3 2013

Includes 10 minute extracts from talks by Sugata Mitra, Annie Murphy Paul, Alison Gopnik and Rita Pierson, presented by Guy Raz

TED talks are of course a major phenomenon of our time, but the collaborative project by National Public Radio and TED to condense views expressed by different speakers at different times into a one hour thematic digest takes it a stage further.

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