Financial Planning


UK Tax & NI

Tax refunds, voluntary NI payments and saving for UK teachers overseas

Peter McCartney shows quick ways to apply for UK tax rebates and explains how to continue your National Insurance contributions on-line when working overseas. He also offers tips for organising your UK finances, savings and property for maximum tax efficiency. 

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International teaching and the discipline of saving

SAVING 1One of the main objectives of working overseas is to build up savings for the future – but do international  teachers always have the self-discipline to start this in the proper way. Author of best selling book, Millionaire Teacher, Andrew Hallam suggests that getting into  the right habit is important when moving overseas. Then, if at some point you land a job in one of the better paying schools, you are ready to take advantage, while still enjoying the overseas lifestyle to the full.

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The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing – review

Richardson HeadshotSwept along on the initial excitement of travel and working overseas it is tempting to leave financial planning for another day. Sadly for some such procrastination will result in later regret and financial uncertainty or even instability. Erik Richardson discovers a book that offers hope and sound financial advice for those working overseas; a book that could secure your financial future. 

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