Havana mañana

Go now!

Ten and a half hours across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe and you land at José Martí International Airport, 15 km southwest of Havana. The blitz on your senses has just begun! Jan Homden has just returned from a trip to the Caribbean and has one piece of advice about Cuba – go now!

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Soft impact hotel

At a time when there is so much concern about the environment, and more particularly, the negative impact of humans on a range of natural ecosystems, Andy Homden reports it’s nice to know that there are some success stories which show that people and nature can co-exist in an area of rapid economic development.

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Ah – Vienna!

An astounding cultural centre

David Gregory had always wanted to go to Vienna, attracted by the music, the architecture, the history and of course the gigantic pretzels. Recently, he had that chance and took a slow train from Zürich.

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