The Future of Skills

 Being human and the importance of the Liberal Arts

Owen Henkel, Director of the  Pearson Affordable Learning Fund (PALF) shares key, and perhaps surprising, insights from his team’s report “Future of Skills: Employment in 2030”.

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Teaching by example

Three steps for enhancing a child’s life skills

Children learn life skills by observing the adults in their lives. Therefore, if we want children to be socially and emotionally competent, Leah Davies advises we must be cognizant of our own behavior and accept responsibility for being a role model.  She suggests three steps for developing this aspect of our teaching.  

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International School Awards, 2019

Nominations for the International School of the Year open until 25th September

International schools throughout the world will be celebrated this school year at the first ever International School Awards evening, to be hosted in London by ISC Research. The awards have grown from the the popular British International School Awards, and are now open to all English-medium, K-12 international schools.

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International evolution

2017 – 18: an evolving market

The growth in international education in 2017 – 2018 has, once again, been fast moving and substantial. Many new international schools opened and student enrolment increased globally by 7%. Several countries and sub-regions are experiencing notable change right now. Continued growth brings new opportunities for teachers, investors and schools looking to build international partnerships, writes Richard Gaskell of ISC Research

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Change agents

Why register for a recruiting agency?

If you are looking for a new job, it’s time to get busy! The “international recruiting season” is starting earlier and earlier, and you want to give yourself the best chance of getting the best job. 

Andy Homden looks at how recruiting agents can help, and what you should expect of them.

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Talking Turkey

Beyond the Headlines

News headlines – especially in the era of “breaking news” and social media profoundly affect our decisions about where we choose to work in an international context. Cyrus Carter who lives and works in Istanbul reflects on this age old issue, and explains why he is choosing to stay in Turkey.  

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Tanzanian Adventure

IMG_1443For the last fifteen years, Alison Mollel has been teaching EAL in international schools in Germany, Thailand, China and now Tanzania. She is currently at the International School Moshi – Arusha Campus. Her husband is also a teacher but is currently investing his time and energy into his safari company.

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Care for those at home

Those working overseas, as teachers or in other roles, always feel genuine concern for the welfare of family and friends “back home”. The distances involved and not being on the doorstep to offer immediate help sometimes intensify this concern to the point of an anxiety that can blight the individual’s overseas experience. Nathan Brown (Bluebird Care Community Liaison Manager for West Kent in the UK), offers sound advice to ensure this does not happen.

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Professional Learning – changing the game

How two CPD specialists designed a new curriculum

You leave the training enthused, revitalised, even inspired; you can’t wait to put into practice the ideas you have gleaned from it. Sadly, on your return to school, the demands of the over-crowded curriculum, the daily routines and your seemingly infinite pastoral responsibilities result in those fresh ideas being mentally filed “for another time” that never seems to arrive. It is a scenario experienced by many teachers and recognised by Amanda McCallum and her colleague Karen Green who set out to create a different approach to professional learning, and carved out a new career as a curriculum designer in the process.

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UK Tax & NI

Tax refunds, voluntary NI payments and saving for UK teachers overseas

Peter McCartney shows quick ways to apply for UK tax rebates and explains how to continue your National Insurance contributions on-line when working overseas. He also offers tips for organising your UK finances, savings and property for maximum tax efficiency. 

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International teaching and the discipline of saving

SAVING 1One of the main objectives of working overseas is to build up savings for the future – but do international  teachers always have the self-discipline to start this in the proper way. Author of best selling book, Millionaire Teacher, Andrew Hallam suggests that getting into  the right habit is important when moving overseas. Then, if at some point you land a job in one of the better paying schools, you are ready to take advantage, while still enjoying the overseas lifestyle to the full.

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Nepal Earthquakes – TBS and Lincoln School respond

P1080445_755x9999The Nepal earthquakes and their tragic impact on the lives of so many were broadcast around the world and touched us all. Such appalling disasters capture short-term headlines, but often the long journey of recovery and rebuilding continues unseen and forgotten by all but those involved directly in it. International schools and their communities can play a vital role in ensuring continued support for those who have lost so much.

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The outdoor life: teaching in Switzerland

From Asia to Europe:

In 2010 Jo & Steve McArthur decided it was time to move closer to home.

SteveMoving within a country can be stressful. Moving one’s family half way across the globe, to a contrasting environment – new jobs, schools, lifestyle and climate, is for many a step too far. Steve and Jo McArthur highlight the importance of in-depth research and the significant benefits, for the whole family, to be gained by taking that step .

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Thailand adventure

Ralph and Dawn Gosling headed off to Bangkok as a young teaching couple in 2003. Three children later, the Goslings are now very much an International School Family, about to start their next adventure in Bahrain. Like so many others when first venturing overseas, they had no intention of being away for so long.

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