Celebrate Diwali

Celebrate Diwali 2018 on 7th November.

‘Diwali (or Deepavali, the “festival of lights”) is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn (northern hemisphere) every year. Spiritually, the festival signifies the victory of light over darkness.’

In this free to download PDF Jan Homden has put together fun ideas to celebrate the festival in an Early Years or Primary classroom.

Find out more about India and Indian Wildlife; watch a presentation of Ramayana: a Story of Diwali  especially for young children. Choose from a selection of themed fiction and non-fiction books to read and learn special songs to sing for Diwali. There are Indian recipes to try and art and craft activities, games to play and dance steps ‘Bollywood’ style to learn. Relax and listen to Indian flute music.

Click on the image to download your free Diwali PDF


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