Space in the Early Years

A free resource for Early Years teachers

Inspire your children to become budding astronomers or astronauts – lots of great ideas from Jan Homden to fire their imagination.

Part A: Build rockets and space stations in the Role Play area and carry out experiments in exploration boxes! Talk to the children about Major Tim Peake and watch his launch as he blasts off to the International Space Station. Join the ESERO-UK Tim Peake Primary Project and check out links and resources for Space 5 to 7 year olds. Enhance your theme with a fabulous selection of recommended picture books, all with an outer space theme and take your pick from fun songs and rhymes about rockets and astronauts.

Click on the rainbow to download your free PDF for Part A


Part B: Listen to music from a variety of genres including Holst’s Planet Suite, David Bowie’s Major Tom and Jeff Wayne’ Musical version of The War of the Worlds – great classics to inspire the creation of new sounds, music and movement.

There are ideas for space sensory play in the tuff spot, measuring craters in the sand tray and watching crystals grow in the water tray. Make Galaxy Play Dough and watch out as those rockets fly on ‘BLAST OFF’!


Click on astronaut to download your free PDF for Part B




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