Wishes for 2018!

From the team at Consilium Education and International Teacher Magazine.


 Delice Scotto :

A list of sure proof strategies to improve my golf swing.

An invitation to visit the set of the OUTLANDER Starz series and have tea with Jamie Fraser.

The ability to stop the senseless gun violence that has plagued our nation.


Brian Ambrosio:

Australia going up 3 – 0 in the Cricket Ashes series against England following the Perth test to seal the Ashes would be a great Xmas present.

A change in leadership for a country who shall not be named.

Midnight Oil extends their comeback tour to play in Kuala Lumpur.


Peter Hudson:

I’ve decided I want two new APS for my iPhone in my Christmas stocking this year.

The first one is called ‘Good News Week’ and turns all news everywhere into good news!

The second one makes a cup of tea!



Andy Homden:

An interview with Matthew Syed.

Significant advances in battery technology.

Gillingham F.C. are not relegated (or perhaps that they are!).


 Paul Cabrelli :

Trump has been impeached.

Brexit has been reversed.

All cancers have been cured.



Tony Richards:

An EU Passport.

The vitality of youth.

Irrefutable proof that mince pies are the new superfood. Oh, and an Ashes victory.



Jan Homden:

An Irish wolfhound called Bailey.

BREAKING NEWS –  The political parties in Ireland have put their personal agendas aside, gone to the pub for a New Year’s drink and are now working together for the mutual benefit of the country and the people who live in it. Cheers!

The ability to cook without creating utter chaos in the kitchen!


Elly Tobin:

A winning lottery ticket…. probably should buy one though first!

Some delicious German marzipan wrapped in dark chocolate.
An invitation to have dinner with David Attenborough.



Michael Roulston:
Following on from David Attenborough’s brilliant series, ‘The Blue Planet’,  the wish that we look to protect our oceans, by trying not to buy goods in plastic packaging. We could all make a difference.
Ireland’s rugby continues to strengthen, just in time for Japan 2019!
Tickets to ‘Hamilton’,  which opens this January at the Victoria Palace in London.



Feature Image: Pixabay



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