Sir Bani Yas Island Conservation Project

Kehkashan Basu reports on a Green Hope visit to an extraordinary conservation reserve. 

Nature under threat

With the global population exceeding seven billion, our planet’s flora and fauna are under severe threat due to over consumption and human encroachment. The destruction of natural habitats is one of the main causes in the decline of dependent ecosystems. Raising awareness of habitat conservation amongst civil society stakeholders is the only way to mitigate this threat.

As future generations, young people are at risk of inheriting a barren planet and therefore the onus is upon us to become actively involved in the process of raising awareness and bringing about change.

Green Hope field trip

With this objective in mind, youth sustainability organisation Green Hope organised a field trip to Sir Bani Yas Island – which is UAE’s main protected reserve with an amazing array of flora and fauna. The conservation efforts on this island are a model for other regions to follow. Leaving from Dubai a 4.30 in the morning, the Green Hope team reached Sir Bani Yas Island, after a gruelling 5 hour journey, to start learning first-hand about the importance of the project and ways to support the conservation efforts.

It was a day of amazing insights for the young eco-warriors who learnt about the unique conservation programmes being undertaken on the island for several protected species such as sea turtles, sand gazelles, Urial sheep, Barbary sheep and Arabian oryx.

The group also planted mangroves as part of the natural history tour. The island is a model of eco-balance with all its waste being treated sustainably using natural reed-beds.

Forthcoming workshops

Based on what they learnt on this field trip, the Green Hope team will now hold a series of awareness workshops, amongst its members and volunteers across the region, to promote the need for biodiversity conservation.

Kehkashan Basu




Click on the image to visit – SIR BANI YAS ISLAND

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