A new book for the Early Years

All profits in support of WaterAid

by Sally Flint, illustrated by NokIsme. Review by Jan Homden



What is the family to do? It is a Saturday morning and the wi-fi is broken. Everyone is distraught except the cat and Grandpa William who saves the day by suggesting that today they do things a little bit differently.

Dad loved the feel of his crisp new newspaper, Mum visited Auntie Val and enjoyed a natter and Lucy went to the park and had fun playing with her friends before rediscovering the joys of a library. Dan played football all day with his friend Aryan. Grandpa William…..well, Grandpa William just enjoyed pottering in his shed as usual. In the evening, conversation flowed as everyone gave an account of their day before they all played a board game together and shared a box of chocolates. The family without exception agreed, “It’s not so bad without wi-fi”. Grandpa sitting in his rocking chair overheard and quietly slipped away to cancel tomorrow’s appointment to repair the wi-fi!

14117900_10154568154020555_8760422502497951961_nYoung children will enjoy listening to this story being read to them and will love joining in with the catchphrase, “The wi-fi is broken”. They will also be able to retell the story in their own words from the simple, clear and colourful illustrations by NokIsme. For early and independent readers there is a good mix of repetitive text and an introduction to new words, while the continued use of speech marks, commas, full stops, question marks will all help to reinforce the rules of early grammar.

Days of a ‘nice cup of tea’ and cake, a brother/sister argument that’s soon forgotten and a mischievous family cat (that the children will enjoy finding on each page) all go towards making this a lovely, cosy read for young children.

Jan Homden


The Day the Wi-fi Broke is now available through Kinokuniya and Books@53 in Bangkok for 200 baht (four pounds for UK buyers). All profits from the sales will be donated to charities providing clean water for children across the world.

If you would like to buy copies directly from Sally please get in touch  with Sally Flint via Facebook Messenger. It is no problem to post overseas.

Kinokuniya Bookstore – https://thailand.kinokuniya.com/bw/9786164230620

‘Sal is a really talented children’s writer and it’s a great first publication for her. An ideal Christmas present’ – David Knott


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  • Ali Weston October 28, 2016  

    Wow! Looks great Sal…well done! 🙂