Music creativity and Rio 2016


Join Voices around the World to Celebrate the Olympic Year!

Each year, the Voices Around the World project invites schools and choirs of young people around the globe – at no financial cost to themselves – to be involved in making an international music recording. Find out how you school can be involved and “get creative”!




Here at Voices Around The World, we are passionate about schools fully developing students’ creativity. Here’s why:

For me, a life spent in international education is a colourful and exciting scrap book to look back on. Over the last 20 years I have inspected and advised in more than 600 schools around the globe and been privileged to see some breathtaking teaching and meet lots of amazing young people. I’ve also seen lots of the other stuff…but let’s not go there!

I’ve seen some schools where some incredible youngsters develop skills I could not have dreamt of years ago and, sadly, in a few countries schools where violence and poverty prevent young people from having the life chances they deserve. Through this journey one of the most variable factors has been the extent to which schools develop students’ creativity.

Creativity undervalued

thumb_CA7pVftW4AERdcw_1024Inspection systems in which I have worked, often were not at all focused on this area of learning and likewise some schools placed creativity low on the agenda, if it was there at all! It sometimes seems that creativity, entrepreneurship, imagination, inspiration develop in spite of schooling. Einstein had much to say on this subject.

“Logic will get you from A to B…imagination will take you everywhere.”

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought.”

Of course, his other, somewhat damning, quote was, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”


Creativity in schools

Many of the World’s greatest thinkers often tell us that the future of the planet is highly dependant upon our ability to develop creative young people who are fired up and ready to solve problems. What ‘educational travellers’ like myself bear witness to is that the best schools around the world are in fact doing just this, but, with the focus in most inspections or school accreditations on the core academic subjects, the extent to which creativity is developed often goes unreported. What is clearly needed is for all schools to place creativity high on the agenda.

Voices, schools and Rio

about-4Voices Around The World is very busy again this year, working with schools all over the World to make another international song/video release using a new Rio 2016 inspired song ‘Lighting Up The Flame.’ The song/video will be released to coincide with the Lighting Up The (Olympic) Flame ceremony in July. Alongside this we have also laid down a creative music challenge for students to come up with their own Olympic songs.

To help them we have provided a free ‘So you want to be a pop music composer!’ video lesson for all those who register to participate in the song recording part of our project. If you are reading this and would like your school to take part in the Lighting Up The Flame international song/video release and receive the free lesson video please go to our website

Come on, let’s get creative together!about-6 Laurie Lewin at Voices Around The World

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