International education and digital marketing

Digital marketing for schools and companies that work with schools

Digital Marketing offers schools and companies who work with schools the opportunity to reach specific audiences of teachers and parents cost-effectively.

We help our clients generate on-line content that is relevant to a target audience and then present that content in an engaging way.

If old-style conventional marketing  “broadcasts” your advertising using a variety of media, hoping it will reach its target as it is dispersed, digital marketing offers the opportunity to present on-line content about your school or company that is relevant and useful to internationally mobile families and educators in a targeted way. In the process clients build an engaging on-line profile that becomes well known to relevant audiences.


Our digital agency is built around International Teacher Magazine, one of the fastest growing on-line magazines serving teachers and schools around the world. While working to improve your own website, we will also publish content about your work in ITM to engage your chosen audience. Our ITM Media Kit Metrics can be found, below to give you a snapshot of the growth and engagement the magazine has, and impact it makes on the audience that it serves.

1. Digital advertising for schools and companies who work with schools

In the rapidly growing market of International Education, targeted advertising in ITM helps recruiters, educational suppliers and schools of education find the educators looking for the services and resources you provide.

 ITM is growing fast! Check out our latest growth metrics – click here and below to view and download.


International Teacher Magazine Reach Teachers Worldwide



2. Content generation

We use the sources that you provide (interviews, reports, surveys, media links) and create succinct articles and website blog posts that are suitable for promotion on social media in order to find and engage your target audience, in collaboration with our partners at On the Dot we create and package content tailored to your requirements.

3. Website health check and content development

Working with our partners at Moss Marketing , we can provide a full review of your website.
Consilium Education assesses the appeal of your website’s content to your chosen audience.
We then work with you to develop fresh content and media that will engage them.
Moss Marketing analyses your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) and user flow before proposing changes to boost on-line traffic.

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