Critical friendship 2018 – 2019

School visits

Consilium’s Critical Friendship programme provides a wide range of services to international schools as they prepare for inspection or accreditation. Our visits in 2018 – 19 have included reviews of EAL, Early Years and and safeguarding provision at leading schools in Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, UAE, Belgium and Portugal.

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Consilium in conference, 2017

Birmingham, Lisbon, Oxford and Dubai

Members  of the Consilium Education team have been addressing conferences in Europe and the Middle East this year. Sustainable Schools, Digital Marketing in the field of education and listening skills for teachers are just three of the subjects we have been invited to talk about. In July our first conference was addressed by four leaders in the field of education and philosophy, including Professor Mick Waters and Sir Tim Brighouse.

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Digital marketing for teachers and schools

Consilium Education training, 2017 – 18

In May 2017, Andy Homden was at Dulwich Prep London leading training for teachers and business staff on the subject of Digital Marketing. Teachers are proud of what they do and when they meet visitors on campus tours they are always the most enthusiastic advocates of what is happening in the classroom. They are often reluctant writers, however.

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