Digital marketing for teachers and schools

Consilium Education training, 2017 – 18

In May 2017, Andy Homden was at Dulwich Prep London leading training for teachers and business staff on the subject of Digital Marketing. Teachers are proud of what they do and when they meet visitors on campus tours they are always the most enthusiastic advocates of what is happening in the classroom. They are often reluctant writers, however.

Flipping the visit

During the course, staff not only learned how to write content for on-line publication, they also became familiar with the principles of Digital Marketing in an educational context, developing as much enthusiasm for sharing ideas on-line as they show when they meet visitors to the school. When these new skills are used in order to reach specific audiences on-line (prospective staff? prospective parents?) the school generates a powerful methodology for “Flipping the Visit”, while developing a completely new skill set for their staff.


Some inspirational content. All in all, very enjoyable.

Tom Savill, Deputy Head (Academic) Dulwich Prep London

Andy was very quick to provide examples related to his questions to illustrate his points. By relating his material to our school, he created a high “buy- in”. 

David Adkins, Director of Development, Dulwich Prep London.

For details of Andy’s March 2018 Digital Marketing courses at Sunmarke School in Dubai and Park House English School in Qatar click the school names.


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