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KINSES 2016: a global education symposium

Kinses 2016

Consilium Education is delighted to be attending Kinses 2016, where Andy Homden will be a panelist on Sunday, February 28.

The founder of the event, Sandeep Aneja, wants us to talk to each other about the emerging trends in education around the world. He is particularly focused on the growing role of the private sector and how it can apply its growing influence wisely.

The founders: Sandeep Aneja & Kaizen

KaizenSandeep Aneja is a mover, quite possibly a shaker . . . .  and undoubtedly a listener. A very successful one. He has that rare quality when you meet – he wants to understand what you are saying for its own sake. You get the impression that he wishes to work out how it might be important and where it will connect to the greater scheme of things – and it’s the greater scheme of things he thinks about.

Kaizen, the education – focused private equity company Aneja founded in 2010 is carefully named – from the Japanese Kai (change) and Zen (good). Put together, these two simple words are much more than the sum of their parts and imply, in English, not only continuous improvement but also deep organic change for the better, concepts of course closely associated with the transformation of the Japanese economy in the second half of the 20th Century.

Understanding global changes in education

featured-speakerGlobal education is now in the early stages of its own transformation. If national and state level government bodies took prime responsibility for education through the 20th century they are now moving to one side. Change is most noticeable in continents with the youngest populations – Africa and Asia. The education ball is being passed to the private sector.

Thinkers like Sandeep Aneja want to understand exactly what this involves, how the private sector can exercise its growing responsibility wisely and where it can have the most positive impact. That means (among other things) bringing people together from different backgrounds within global education so they can listen to each other, think, deepen their own understanding and improve what they offer.

Kinses 2016

Kinses 2016 panelAfter the success of Kaizen’s first symposium in Singapore two years ago, they have taken the initiative once again to organise KINSES 2016, which is being held in Dubai at the end of February. Aneja explains the rationale:

“We want to bring together leaders from global education companies seeking to transform themselves through digital strategies, innovative education startups, leaders of companies that support education transformation through teacher training and investors/donors to education to discuss solutions to various education challenges and opportunities that lie ahead”

Impressive line-up

Kinses 2016 speakersThe line-up of keynote speakers and panelists is impressive, their topics carefully thought through – but Aneja wants all delegates to contribute to the event– not just the platform speakers. It is vital that everyone listens to each other:

“The end objective of this two day event is to foster meaningful partnerships amongst the attendees and drive real value into the education ecosystem through such grassroots level partnerships”

Andy Homden

Global education symposium

The two day forum takes place on February 27 and 28 at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina: it promises to be a rare opportunity to access the minds of some of the most important and influential thinkers about global education.

Click the Kinses 2016 logo to learn more and get involved.

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