Consilium recommends: Unstoppable Learning, NPR / TED Radio Hour, presented by Guy Raz, broadcast May 3 2013

Includes 10 minute extracts from talks by Sugata Mitra, Annie Murphy Paul, Alison Gopnik and Rita Pierson, presented by Guy Raz

tedTED talks are of course a major phenomenon of our time, but the collaborative project by National Public Radio and TED to condense views expressed by different speakers at different times into a one hour thematic digest takes it a stage further. Unstoppable Learning pretty much suggests just that – human beings cannot help but learn, by their nature, from the womb onwards, and will be of interest to teachers of children across the age range, perhaps with an emphasis on the early years. That man Sugata Mitra makes another appearance (and he really does deserve his long standing status as educational flavour of the month – he’s eloquent, softly spoken and says Important Things and may become what is called in the UK “A National Treasure”), but for me this show was stolen by veteran teacher Rita Pierson who makes the case for the importance of positive staff student relationships as the true foundations for learning. Old fashioned may be – but spot on! Passionate stuff.

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