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Empowerment and education

The Naiyobi Women’s Project

Born and raised in northern California, environmental educator Kim Laizer has recently been working on a new project with Massai women in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This article is the first of two highlighting her story and collaborative efforts to provide education, training, and development opportunities for Maasai women in Naiyobi, Tanzania. 

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Talking Turkey

Beyond the Headlines

News headlines – especially in the era of “breaking news” and social media profoundly affect our decisions about where we choose to work in an international context. Cyrus Carter who lives and works in Istanbul reflects on this age old issue, and explains why he is choosing to stay in Turkey.  

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Rolling Home!

Tales of the sea, PART 1

What’s a young family to do? Travel of course! In the first of three articles, the intrepid Catherine Lorenzen tells how she got caught up in the whole business of international education as a nurse, married to a marine engineer, with three children in tow. Part 1 of her adventures takes us from revolutionary Iran to Yemen and on to Jakarta, where the family learn to sail. 

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Life after teaching

From Principal to Balinese ‘Basil Fawlty’!

David Knott retired from the role of Principal at Bangkok Patana School in 2012, after 12 happy years. Whilst he knew he would miss his colleagues, students and their parents, he was looking forward to the absence of the 05.00 alarm call or the frustrations that often accompanied the role. Was now the time to try something new? David takes up the story.

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The missing three years

Relocating overseas is one thing. Coming home another

Living overseas and travelling can, at times, be exhilarating, fascinating, confusing or even daunting, but at all times it has a vibrancy that may be difficult to replicate when one returns ‘home’. Brianna Hill Kastler gives her personal perspective on going back to her homeland of Colorado after three years in Asia.

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New blood invigorates Foreign Administrators and Retirees Tournament of Sport

Old Principals die hard; newcomers have a blast

Forget the Olympics. This is where international teachers want to play.  In 2016, five new golfers helped the XXIInd iteration of the Foreign Administrators and Retirees Tournament of Sports (the acronym is probably fairly obvious to you?) to a robust 20 golfer tournament, held at the Country Club of New Hampshire in July, reports Gail Schoppert.

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International schools pass 8,000 mark

The featured image shows Hong Kong International School’s  spectacular new campus in the Tai Tam area of Hong Kong Island: the current expansion of international education means not only more schools  being started, but established schools like HKIS (founded in 1966), growing and building new, state of the art facilities. Anne Keeling explains why growth in the international sector shows no sign of slowing down. 

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Tanzanian Adventure

IMG_1443For the last fifteen years, Alison Mollel has been teaching EAL in international schools in Germany, Thailand, China and now Tanzania. She is currently at the International School Moshi – Arusha Campus. Her husband is also a teacher but is currently investing his time and energy into his safari company.

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Care for those at home

Those working overseas, as teachers or in other roles, always feel genuine concern for the welfare of family and friends “back home”. The distances involved and not being on the doorstep to offer immediate help sometimes intensify this concern to the point of an anxiety that can blight the individual’s overseas experience. Nathan Brown (Bluebird Care Community Liaison Manager for West Kent in the UK), offers sound advice to ensure this does not happen.

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“Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective” Dr. Kent Blakeney

thumb_51xWMV0atoL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200__1024Teaching overseas, particularly for the first-timer, is a thrilling prospect that can also be a little daunting. A myriad of new cultural experiences await as one leaves the safe home port and ventures forth to a new country, new home and new school. “Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective”, by, Kent M. Blakeney, is packed with information that will help alleviate any lingering anxieties and is a very entertaining read. Tony Richards reviews this new publication.

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The Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland’s new long distance coastal drive

DSCF0912 (800x600) (2)Thinking of visiting Ireland in the coming year? Drive, walk, cycle or a combination of all three along this touring route aptly named the Wild Atlantic Way. Download our free compilation guide to follow your interests whatever they may be – surfing, fishing, golfing, horse-riding, or walking with a donkey! I have collected together links to websites and included information taken from each source. See also the links to accommodation to suit all budgets and …… luxury camping in Mongolian yurts in Westmeath anyone?

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Longest Running Golf Tournament for International Educators?

images-2Having taken the leap of faith into international education, many never look back. Such are the attractions that they become citizens of the world and part of the international teaching community bonded by a love of teaching overseas and by shared experiences. Gail Schoppert describes how one group attend a unique annual get-together to enjoy a couple of days of golf, merriment and camaraderie whilst at the same time raising much needed funds for The Children of Haiti Project.

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