The IB Diploma and IELTs

How to avoid under-performance in IELTs

An increasing number of students in international schools, including those following IB Diploma courses are sitting the IELTS and similar examinations of language competence, but many under-perform. Chris Jay provides some useful guidance on how to avoid pitfalls and achieve success. 

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Intercontinental EAL

Collaborative learning project

Over the last three years, the EAL departments at Island School in Hong Kong and the International School of Brussels have been working together on a joint language initiative. With a focus on peer learning and collaboration, the project has brought significant benefit to IB English Language B students at both schools. Chris Jay reports from Hong Kong. 

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The Man Who Planted Trees (L’Homme qui Plantait des Arbres)

hommeCross-curricular inspiration

This is the ultimate teaching and learning resource. Students of French, history, literature, media studies, science, biology, the environment . . . . and leadership will be totally absorbed. The winner of the 1987 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, is based on the original book by Jean Giono, also reviewed in ITM.

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Math and the ELL Student – Structures to Make Learning More Accessible

Teachers constantly seek to achieve greater understanding for students while designing effective means to check that understanding. This is particularly true of those teaching students studying in a second language. Krista and Allen McInnis offer focus areas to help teachers of math develop their lessons for English Language Learners. While this is not an exhaustive list, it does provide specific structures and checkpoints to use in math classes.

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Effective Language in Planning = Higher Order Thinking

A shift to student – centred planning

Deep into the second decade of the 21st century there is still discussion about how we can move teaching away from a teacher delivery model, commonly referred to as “traditional” teaching, but globally, there has been significant  movement towards a student focused, learning-centred approach in classrooms. Allen McInnis looks at some of the implications for lesson planning. 

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Philosophy in the classroom

Philosophy for all!To find yourself, think for yourself was one of the simple but profound beliefs which guided Socrates. In his view, the discussion of ideas rather than events or the mundane experiences of everyday life enabled man to reach the pinnacle of wisdom. The old boy would be pleased reading about the journey enjoyed by children at Tanglin Trust School and their teacher, Jen Cottam.

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Listening and the war poets


Dr. William Rivers

Listening Quote of the Month

It was a sort of power of getting into another man’s life and treating it as if it were his own. And yet all the time he made you feel that your life was your own to guide, and above everything else that you could if you cared make something important out of it.

Sir Frederic Bartlett of Dr William Rivers

Would the War Poets ever have written their poems without ‘listening’?

‘Quite possibly not’ is a reasonable answer to this question!

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