Dinosaurs in the Early Years!

A resource for Early Years from Jan Homden

Click on the images below to download your free PDF for Dinosaurs in the Early Years Part A & B

Dinosaurs in the Early Years Part A

Part A focusses on communication, literacy and the development of language through play. Fun ideas for role play, the activity trays and the writing area to stimulate the children’s imagination and conversation. Dinosaur picture books are reviewed through Amazon and there are links to songs and stories on-line.


Dinosaurs in the Early Years Part B

In Part B the focus is on exciting ideas for mathematics especially in relation to shape, space and measures, as well as links to dinosaur resources and information about Natural History or Dinosaur Museums in the UK, Australia and the US. Amusing action/counting songs to sing and rhymes to chant for a special dinosaur assembly?


Fun with Water in the Early Years

Early Years Resources

Click on the images to download Jan Homden’s free PDFs for Fun with Water Part A & Part B.

Part A – Get on your rain gear and join Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk. Display ideas for your classroom and fiction/non-fiction books to share. Water play activities and simple experiments to encourage prediction, observation and language development.

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