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Fun with Water in the Early Years

Early Years Resources

Click on the images to download Jan Homden’s free PDFs for Fun with Water Part A & Part B.

Part A – Get on your rain gear and join Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk. Display ideas for your classroom and fiction/non-fiction books to share. Water play activities and simple experiments to encourage prediction, observation and language development.


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To play is to learn

Let the children play!

According to Early Years specialist Fiona Zinn, “Never before have we known as much as we do now about the way the young brain develops and the significant role of play in this process”. Why, then, is time given to play under such pressure in the Early Years curriculum?

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Pirates . . . . Yikes!

Resources for the Early Years

Pirates . . . . Yikes!  Part A Piratey,_vector_version.svg

‘Arrr . . . . Arrr . . . . Me Hearties!’  A fun topic to end the year. 

In Part A, role play pirate ships and ideas for dress-ups. Add to that, treasure maps, pirate flags and a Ship’s Log Book. Get started with sea shanties and you’re all ready to set sail!

Click on the pirate to download your free PDF


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Under the Sea for Early Years

Early Years Resource

Click on the images to download your free PDF for Under the Sea Part A & B and The Rainbow Fish.



Under the Sea PART A

Create the wow factor at your classroom door! Take your children to Sea Life to introduce the topic and in the active world tray develop ideas based on a fishy theme. Play fishing games that have a maths/language focus plus explore on-line themed links that are just a click away.


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Early Years Playground Design

  Get Teddy Outdoors!

loosepartsplayground01In the Northern hemisphere schools are almost halfway through the summer term and perhaps beginning to consider those jobs that will need attention during the weeks of the summer holiday. On your list you may be thinking about redesigning or upgrading your Early Years playground.

Or, you may just want to add something new to your current playground to excite the children as they enjoy the benefit of warmer weather and being outdoors more.

Jan Homden gives us a few ideas to consider in this free downloadable PDF.

Click on the image above to download the PDF

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Developing Empathy in the Early Years – Caring for Pets

1124827531_293c4da2ea_oResources for Early Years

Part A:  Caring for Pets

Setting up your own veterinary clinic in the classroom with free resources to download. Ideas for the writing table and great stories, songs and rhymes to develop the themes of caring and empathy.

Click on the image to download Part A of your free PDF


That Pesky RatPart B:  That Pesky Rat

Based on Lauren Child’s wonderful picture book That Pesky Rat this PDF focuses on ideas to develop the children’s attitude and feelings through language and art & craft activities that complement the story.

Click on the image to download Part B of your free PDF

Planning Effective Outdoor Physical Environments for Early Childhood

downloadPlay has been called the highest expression of human development and few would disagree that it is fundamentally important to a child’s learning and social and emotional wellbeing.

Prue Walsh has a wealth of experience designing outstanding outdoor play environments and here highlights some of the key aspects to consider when planning a play area.


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