Spring festival

Celebrate Chinese New Year !

From the 15th February (Spring Festival Eve) Chinese New Year will be celebrated around the world as we welcome in The Year of the Dog. In these two free to download PDFs there are resources compiled by Jan Homden for the Early and younger primary Years specifically linked to The Year of the Dog and Celebrating Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Dog

In Part A – Get to know dogs and the important role they play in people’s lives with links through to organisations that support work in schools. There are reviews of picture books that all feature dogs as well as rhymes to chant and songs to sing about dogs. Have fun with dogs in the tuff spot or set up a Vets Clinic or Dog Grooming Centre in the role play area. There are lots of craft activities and ideas to encourage writing.

Click on the dogs to download your free PDF for The Year of the Dog


Chinese New Year and Spring Festival

In Part B – Introduce Chinese New Year through Role Play – open a Chinese Restaurant! Or, have lots of sensory fun with noodles and rice in the tuff spot. Use chopsticks and develop those fine motor skills while revising counting and have a go at writing Chinese numerals in sand. Learn about Chinese New Year Customs & Traditions and look at beautiful picture books reviewed by Amazon. Make dragons and try blossom tree painting.

Click on the dragon to download your free PDF to celebrate Chinese New Year

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